Wismut Administrative Centre in Chemnitz

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Historical records of ore mining in the Ore Mountains begin in 1168, when silver ores were discovered in the vicinity of today's Freiberg. More than 800 years of mining history of the Ore Mountains are based on this discovery.

The Wismut Administrative Centre in Chemnitz was constructed as a part of the transformation of the Soviet corporation Wismut into a Soviet-German corporation at the start of 1954 as a prestigious administration headquarters for the mining company in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today Chemnitz). Within this complex, a central role was assigned to the two main buildings dating from the time of the neo-classical architectural style of the USSR and the early GDR, often associated with Stalin. The temple-like front section with rowed columns and triangular pediment is highly unusual for a building that first served as the seat of the state social insurance fund. The building on the opposite side of the street that initially housed the SED party leadership likewise exhibits a triangular pediment, which is framed by two risalits. The significance of the Wismut Company was established with these prestigious buildings; their special value is also due to their outstanding contemporary architecture.

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